Weight loss results

It's not all about weight loss, it's also about looking good, feeling good and being full of energy. The 3010 website was launched in November 2018, but we've had a few people changing their diets and fasting in trials.

If you have some fat to lose, perhaps you're in the over-weight to obese zone, fasting is the best option to lose the weight quickly. If you are in the very obese zone, then fasting down to a healthy weight is a must. Conventional diets generally don't work and the "eat less & move more" model has been a total failure.

Everyone is different, but here are our initial results:-

  • Overweight male (50-60 years): 112kg down to 101kg. 20 days: 11kg loss.
  • Obese male (30-40 years): 35 days: 20kg loss.
  • Overweight male (60-70): 82kg down to 72kg. 21 days: 10kg loss.
  • Obese male (30-40): Initial fast only 6 days: 4.5kg loss.
  • Obese female (30-40): Initial fast only 6 days: 5.8kg loss.
  • Obese female (50-60): 66kg down to 58kg. 14 days: 8kg loss.
  • Overweight male (70-80): 78kg down to 73kg. 10 days: 5kg loss.
  • Overweight female (20-30): 30 days: 5kg loss (struggled to fast).

An initial electrolyte fast of 72 hours led to a 2.6-3.9kg weight loss. 3 people who did an initial 7 day fast lost 6.5, 5.9 and 4.5kg respectively. Half the people who got to the end of a 72 hour fast felt fine and continued.

A good fasting programme for weigh loss would be a 72 hour fast followed by a 24 or 48 re-feed period. If this is repeated for 1 month, an obese person would typically lose 10-15kg.