Sign up - personal membership

Everything is done for you to get the perfect start. We will guide you on what to eat and what not to eat. You fill in an extensive questionnaire and all the rest is done for you. The questionnaire gives us details about:
  • Your goals
  • Your health worries
  • Your medical history
  • your eating habits and preferences
You will get the following:-
  • 1-to-1 motivation to lose weight and get your health back.
  • Eating plans that focus on specific foods that target your weaknesses and worries (you get a very comprehensive guide that explains every food choice).
  • Intermittent fasting or electrolyte fasting schedules.
  • Supplement recommendations.
  • Lifestyle change advice
  • One-to-one support and analysis for the whole month (live chat, emails or skype calls)
  • Exercise routines reviewed by a professional trainer.

We cover around 100 amazing foods that are nutrient dense and great for your hormones. These are traditional foods your parents and grandparents would've eaten. We also focus upon when you eat. After you have had the initial boost, you can revert to the monthly plan at half price.

The 3 month intensive membership is bespoke (limited availability). It covers an initial dietary analysis (based on a 7 day typical eating diary), plus extensive 1-to-1 help and review throughout the 3 months.

New sign-ups available soon.......

Company membership

Our company membership that will have a positive impact on employee wellness, team engagement and overall productivity. A healthy and happy workforce reduces absence days. If you want your business to reap the benefits of having a healthy and happy team, read more here >

School Programmes

Schools can take advantage of lesson plans focused upon short sessions of daily HIIT exercises. Switching between cardio exercises, stretches and relaxing poses. The impact of exercise on brain health is greater than anyone could imagine. Movement and exercise promotes brain activity and learning.