Whey protein

Whey is the liquid that is separated from the curds during the cheese making process. Cheese producers would discard the whey, treating it as a waste product. In the 1970s, it was discovered that whey protein was able to increase glutathione levels and suddenly the whey was turned into powder.

Look for grass-fed undenatured bioactive whey protein has not been exposed to high heat. You get all of the benefits of regular whey protein:

  • Muscle building thanks to the amino acids.
  • All nine amino acids needed to produce new muscle.
  • Boost in overall energy and health levels.

Plus, undenatured whey protein powder contains the high levels of cysteine in a bioactive form. The cellular structures of the amino acids have NOT been altered during production and you get the glutathione building blocks that your body needs to boost your immune system.

Protein powder scam

Many gyms have become protein powder retailers, offering exercise as a secondary activity! In the US, there are strict pasteurisation regulations for milk so the undenatured whey proteins might not be as they seem.