Sulphur plays important roles in hundreds of processes in the body. Excellent sources of sulphur include homemade bone broth, pasture raised eggs, grass fed meats, nuts, wild-caught salmon, cruciferous vegetables (such as sprouts and broccoli), onions and garlic.

Sulphur deficiency is quite common in the Western diet and may be a contributing factor in health problems such as obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer's and chronic fatigue. Heart disease may be related to cholesterol sulphate deficiency, and elevated LDL cholesterol is a sign of this deficiency.

  • Sulphur-rich foods nourish the cell mitochondria which generates the energy that our cells need.
  • Sulphur synthesises glutathione, which is a potent cellular antioxidant. Sulphur rich foods therefore help eliminate toxins.
  • Sulphur is important for producing collagen. Sulphur rich foods are great for joint health and healthy skin.
  • Sulphur rich foods help prevent the narrowing of blood vessels, preventing atherosclerosis.