Serrapeptase digests or dissolves nonliving tissue, including blood clots, cysts, scar tissue and arterial plaque.

Serrapeptase has been used to combat various kinds of inflammation and inflammatory issues for many decades. It is a protein enzyme isolated from a non-pathogenic enterobacteria found in the intestines of Japanese silkworms.

Serrapeptase inhibits plaque build-up in arteries, which reduces the risk of  heart attack or stroke. It works like aspirin,  preventing inflammation, pain, heart attack and liver issues. Unlike aspirin and NSAIDs, Serrapeptase doesn't have the side effects such as ulcers and stomach bleeding.

Due to its protein chopping action, Serrapeptase helps thin out the fluids formed from injuries. This speeds tissue repair and relieves pressure that causes pain. Serrapeptase digests excessive amounts of the protein known as fibrin. Fibrin causes the blood to clot or become sticky. The more fibrin, the greater the risk of heart attack or poor circulation.

If you’re already taking supplements for sports injuries, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, liver disease or any other condition involving inflammation, try adding or substituting serrapeptase.