Oysters are a great testosterone boosting foods, known for hundreds of years as an aphrodisiac. Casanova, used to breakfast on 50 oysters. Oysters are packed with zinc, magnesium, selenium (6 oysters is 100% RDA), copper, vitamin B-12 and vitamin D. All of which are crucial for hormone production. A team of researchers analysed oysters and found they were rich in rare amino acids that trigger increased levels of sex hormones. Oysters also contain high quality protein, including some of the more rare amino acids such as the testosterone boosting D-aspartic acid.

Zinc and copper plays a big role in skin repair by helping create and boost collagen. Collagen is crucial for the structural support in skin and reduces sagging. It also helps maintain stronger nails, and keeps scalp and hair healthy. The RDA for zinc is 11mg/day and one oyster contains around 8mg.


Testosterone and oysters

The zinc found in oysters is why they are considered an age-old aphrodisiac! Zinc helps the body produce testosterone, a hormone critical in regulating male and female libido and sexual function. In men, research suggests that this zinc improves sperm count. In women, zinc helps ovaries function, balancing and regulating the combination of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

Tiny amounts of oyster extract is often used in testosterone boosting supplements. But the best way to get the benefits is to eat real oysters.


Sourcing Oysters

Since they absorb much of the nutrients from the areas where they grow, it is possible that some oysters may contain pollutants and toxins, so only eat the ones that are bought from a trusted source. Check out high end restaurants that do deals on great oysters. Some have "Oyster bars" where they have a selection of oysters and often wild caught fish.

In France, the oyster bar is known as bar à huîtres. France has the largest oyster industry in the world, however 90 per cent of Irish oyster farms are owned by the French, they grow a bulk amount of oysters and then send them over to France and put the oysters in French water!