Ginseng is a powerful plant root that helps the body cope with stress. All natural Red Korean Ginseng is one of the most prized Chi (Qi) tonics used in Chinese herbalism. Ginseng boosts nitrous oxide production and also decreases blood glucose levels. Ginseng is a root that has been used for thousands of years and is a popular today as a testosterone booster. Ginseng helps the body adapt to higher levels of stress. Gnseng has the ability to increase endurance and help recovery rates.


Ginseng is one of the most universally used herbal medicines in Asian and Western countries. Most of the biological activities of ginseng is derived from its main constituent called ginsenosides. The pharmacological effects of ginseng are derived from multiple active ingredients, including ginsenosides, ginsengosides, polysaccharides, peptides, phytosterols, polyacetylenes, polyacetylenic alcohols and fatty acids.

  • Ginseng improves Mood and Reduces Stress.
  • Ginseng improves Brain Function.
  • Ginseng has Anti-Inflammatory Properties.
  • Ginseng helps with Weight Loss.
  • Ginseng treats Sexual Dysfunction.
  • Ginseng improves Lung Function.
  • Ginseng lowers Blood Sugar Levels.
  • Ginseng prevents Cancer.

Mens health

Ginseng is mainly used as an erection/nitric oxide booster. Ginseng is known to significantly decrease blood sugar levels. High blood sugar causes low testosterone so anything that helps this will increase your testosterone levels naturally.