Boron is a metalloid element, similar to silicon. It is amazing for bone health and the effect on steroid hormones. Boron is found in Boric acid and its salt called borax. Boron increases mental cognition in humans. We used to get plentiful levels of boron from soil and water, however modern soils are hugely depleted. We need a regular supply of boron as it's half-life is only 1 day. In some parts of the world, people consume 60mg of boron per day from food and water and have little or no osteoperosis or arthritis. Jamaica has no boron in the soil and the incidence of arthritis is over 50%.


The Borax conspiracy

In the 1960's an Australian plant & soil scientist called Rex Newnham developed arthritis. Conventional drugs did not help. He realized that plants in that area were mineral deficient. Knowing that boron aids calcium metabolism in plants he decided to try it. He started taking 30mg of borax a day and in 3 weeks all pain, swelling and stiffness had disappeared.

Eventually he had tablets made with a safe and effective quantity of borax. Within five years and only by word of mouth he sold 10,000 a month. He could no longer cope and asked a drug company to market it. They had representatives on government health committees and in 1981 Australia declared boron and its compounds to be poisons in any concentration. Newnham was fined $1000 for selling a poison. This successfully stopped his arthritis cure from spreading. Borax is now banned in the USA, Australia, China and the EU.

Borax powder contains boron and it's an amazing element that will prevent and reverse osteoporosis and arthritis. The pharmaceutical industry sells $30 billion worth of toxic arthritis drugs to per year (not including the pain killers that people take for joint pain). Big pharma have vilified borax and have either banned it or labelled it a poison. (it's banned as a food additive with the exception of caviar! I wonder how the millionaire  politicians sneaked in that exemption?) A years supply of borax, giving a daily 30mg therapeutic dose of boron, costs $0.10 and has ZERO side effects. A years supply of the arthritis drug Plaquenil costs $1300. Enbrel injections would cost $62,000 per year. Here are the LD50 per kilo body weight (lethal dose to kill 50% rats):

  • Borax: 2.66g/Kg
  • Baking soda 4.2g/Kg
  • Salt: 3g/Kg
  • Tylenol: 2.4g/Kg
    You would need to spoon 12 teaspoons of borax powder into your mouth to kill yourself. Our advice would be to make up a borax solution and label it for use.

Safe dosage

There have been no human studies, but animal studies have pointed to a lethal dose of 15,000-20,000mg (15-20g). Borax and boric acid can cross the placenta, affecting fetal skeletal development and birth weight in animal studies of high-dose exposures of many grams. In a rat study, dosage of 9.6mg/Kg produced no observed adverse effect. If this level was reproduced in humans, a 50Kg women would see no effect with 500mg, 0.5g, of boron.

It seems quite incredible that borax is banned. If a woman of child bearing ago had joint issues and arthritis, surely it would be better to take 30mg of boron a day rather that some toxic pharmaceutical drugs? If a woman becomes pregnant then don't supplement.

  • Borax (boron tetraborate decahydrate) is very safe in low quantities.
  • A theraputic dose is 30mg per day if you are at risk or have osteoporosis, joint problems or arthritis.
  • Boron supplements have a pretty pathetic dose of 3mg.

Boric acid is 100% absorbed by the gut.In our bodies there is a 1:1 ratio of boron concentration in the blood compared to soft tissue. But the blood to bone concentration is 1:4 meaning that our bones are rich in boron.

  • Boron is used as a transporter of nutrients from areas of low concentration to areas of high concentration  (eg iodine from the blood into the thyroid).
  • Boron has a regulatory role in 26 enzymes, including those used in energy metabolism.
  • Boron is anti-inflammatory in terms of our joints.
  • Boron reduces levels of inflammatory biomarkers, such as high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) and tumour necrosis factor α (TNF-α). many studies have shown the beneficial effects that boron has on cancer cell progression. Research shows that boron has the ability to selectively kill cancerous cells while leaving health tissue unharmed.research is beginning to reveal that supplemental boron can shrink prostate tumours that already exist, while decreasing levels of a protein produced by the prostate, known as prostate-specific antigen or PDA. Elevated PSA levels are believed to play a role in the progression and spread of the disease.
  • Boron will decrease the risk of arthritis.
  • Boron will decrease the risk of osteoporosis and weak or broken bones.
  • Boron will stop you losing height as you age.
  • Boron is critical for oral health and teeth loss.
  • Osteogenesis is improved with higher boron levels.
  • Boron supplementation reduced the urinary excretion of calcium and magnesium.
  • Boron + magnesium is critical for the prevention of kidney stones.
  • Boron supplementation boost testosterone serum concentrations.
  • Boron wakes up the brain (take boron in the morning).
  • Boron improves the brains electrical activity, cognitive performance, and short-term memory.
  • Boron decreases the risk of prostate cancer (higher levels of boron correlate with lower levels of prostate cancer).
  • Boron helps control the hydroxylation of steriods
    • Vitamin D2 to D3 to D4
    • Boron assists in the conversion of testosterone to DHT.
    • Estradiol (E2) converts to E3 and is less prone to cause breast cancer.

Making a borax solution.

Taking borax is the easiest way of getting boron because food sources are so variable. This is a molecule of borax: Na2[B4O5(OH)4]·8H2O    It has a boron content of 11.3% by weight.

  • Put 1 teaspoon (5g) of borax into a litre of water. This will contain 0.56g or 560mg of boron.
  • Label the bottle and keep it somewhere safe.
  • 1 tablespoon (15ml) of this dilute borax solution will have roughly 8mg of boron. 2-3 tablespoons of the diluted solution is a theraputic dose.

Animals that get arthritis

A vet will gladly recommend boron to treat an animal with arthritis or joint issues. However, boron has been treated like a poison in western human medicine. A doctor (thanks to political lobbying, corruption and bribery) will give you an expensive drug to treat arthritis, such as Plaquenil, Arava and Trexall.



Source: Jorge Flechas MD,,