If you look in your chip shop or on your restaurant table, you probably wouldn't think twice about vinegar.

If it's a bottle of Sarson's, you're either getting a real malt vinegar that has been brewed in wooden barrels.

If it's a generic plastic bottle, then you can almost guarantee that you'll be splashing on some fake vinegar. The owner could also be topping up a bottle of Sarsons with some fake vinegar!

This non-brewed condiment is diluted food grade glacial ethanoic acid that has been made from petrochemicals, plus a few artificial colourings and flavourings. Almost all the chip shops up and down Britain, use this fake vinegar on the counter. It's a dirt-cheap concentrate that gets diluted down by the owner. So the strength does vary.

The other reason why owners use fake vinegar is that it's halal. It doesn't contain the tiny amount of alcohol that's in regular vinegar.

Trading Standards don't allow flavoured ethanoic acid to be called vinegar. The problem is that most chip shops up and down the country don't care and will pass it off as vinegar.

A great option is to use a quality brewed vinegar such as Sarson's. An even better option would be to experiment with some artisan malt vinegars, bottled straight from the barrel.  Live, unfiltered and unpasteurised.

Don't sprinkle chemicals on your fish'n chips!

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